Richard Simpson

Richard is a materials expert with particular knowledge of the polymer industry. He has over 40 year experience both working in and with the manufacturing sector

His experience includes managing the technology division of RAPRA Technology (formerly the Rubber and Plastics Research Association), which specialised in providing polymer related research for companies. For the last 7 years he was Business Engagement Manager at the University of Birmingham, where he facilitated research by the University on behalf of industrial clients.

Favourite food: Seafood
Favourite movie: American Graffiti 
Favourite book: Rendezvous with Rama – Arthur C Clark
Favourite music track: The Banks of Green Willow – George Butterworth
Favourite sport/pastime: Playing Badminton; Watching Motorsport; Photography 
Favourite part of working for R&D Tax Claims: Helping small companies to be more R&D aware and competitive.
Favourite gadget: My lawnmower.  It is 30 years old and I get a buzz out of keeping it going.
What do you think the greatest invention is and why: The printing press; enabled the dissemination of information, education and hence empowerment of the masses. It was an essential facilitator for the industrial revolution and for the development of modern society. 

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