Peter Roach

Peter spent eleven years as a Specialist Manufacturing Advisor at the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS).
His previous background was in the aerospace and defence environment and his particular R&D speciality is in the field of electronics.
Favourite food: Pizza, homemade or Bacon butties, with wood smoke, outside
Favourite movie: Witness
Favourite book: Sorry but it is probably “ The Toyota way fieldbook” else the weekly dose of The Economist
Favourite music track: Dark side of the moon, a classic, else something from the Jam
Favourite sport/pastime: Horses and making/repairing things, be it Land Rovers or old tractors. I have a small hobby machine shop
Favourite part of working for R&D Tax Claims: Meeting interesting people who solve problems
Favourite gadget: iPhone or the Raspberry Pi
What do you think the greatest invention is and why: Thermonic valve, leading to Radar, TV and the microwave, the beginning of modern electronic chips enabling computing and gadgets, a whole new area of technology

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