Specialists in Reclaiming R&D Tax Credits

We help UK companies to legally reclaim corporation tax they’ve unknowingly overpaid. It’s all we do.

How we help you to receive a speedy cash injection

See our Six Easy Steps to an R&D tax reclaim. Briefly, we identify relevant R&D activities, calculate the expenditure, then prepare and submit the claim to HMRC, using our knowledge and expertise to secure, speed and maximise your refund.

We will liaise with HMRC to resolve any queries on your behalf. Within just six weeks of submitting the revised corporation tax returns, our clients usually enjoy large tax refunds, at an annual average of approximately £30,000+

How to gain   Retrospective claims can go back two tax years. Think you may have a claim? Get in touch with us as early as possible, or at least two months before your financial year-end.

How to lose   Delaying contacting us could potentially cost you thousands in a missed claim.

Reassuringly.   As well as helping you reclaim corporation tax, we will work with you to ensure that you never overpay again.

Don’t delay – it could cost you dearly