Why Us? Here’s why…

The leading experts for maximising your Research and Development (R&D) claim

We are established experts in R&D tax reclaims and we help UK SMEs to legally reclaim corporation tax they’ve unknowingly overpaid. It’s all we do. Need to know more? Here’s five good reasons to use us

1st Good reason

R&D Tax Claims Personal Service

Personal service

We offer a personal service, conducting face-to-face data gathering meetings directly with your senior personnel, all at your premises.

2nd Good reason

R&D Tax Claims Experienced consultants

Experienced consultants

We provide technical consultants who are experienced and have the required understanding of the technology and processes employed by you to quickly interpret where R&D exists in your business.

3rd Good reason

R&D Tax Claims Tailor-made reporting

Tailor-made reporting

We produce detailed reports, all formatted in accordance with HMRC best practice, and produce user-friendly templates to help maximise claims and simplify your involvement in the process.

4th Good reason

R&D Tax Claims Future Planning

Future claim planning

We deliver expert advice and support to set up your recording systems for the future. This makes gathering R&D cost information easier for the next claims.

5th Good reason

R&D Tax Claims - No Win No Fee

No Win, No Fee

We operate on a No Win, No Fee basis. Giving you the peace of mind that there is nothing to pay unless a tax saving is secured for you.

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